GoDaddy (Virtuozzo) Virtual Server in cacti

A business site I provide some support to runs on a GoDaddy virtual Linux server. We were having some performance issues so I dug into the available data and found we were hitting our memory limits. It seems the Virtuozzo system used by GoDaddy has hard and soft resource limits – you can go over […]

Motorcycle Safety

I found this 1960s Pathe public service film posted on the Draganfly website. Wonderful lesson on riding your old motorcycle in a world populated by Austin Minis, Morris Minors and no lines on the roads – not even at crossroads! Watch for the little three wheel bubble car. Of course the sensible lad is on […]

NetApp Consistency Points in Cacti

Recently went on a couple of training courses on NetApp fundamentals and performance. The tutors both recommended that every good NetApp admin should spend a few minutes every day looking at sysstat -x 1 scrolling up their screen. Of particular interest from a performance standpoint is consistency point activity. Consistency points are a checkpoint in […]

EV Solar Power – Do the Math!

The immediate suggestion from multiple family members upon hearing of our plans to convert a VW Beetle to electric power was “put solar panels on it, then you won’t need to plug it in at all!”. To which my response was “Do the math!”. Which got me a blank stare, and when I tried to […]