OctoSonar V2

OctoSonar 2.1

The OctoSonar 2.1 is an improved version of the popular OctoSonar, which allows you to drive 8 inexpensive HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors from the I2C bus and one additional pin on your Arduino.

Improvements include:

Redesigned echo signal handling, eliminating interference from misbehaving sensors. Address pull-down resistors and larger address jumpers Compatible with […]

Absolute Encoder for the Raspberry Pi

I have published a python module to support my Bourns ACE-128 modules on the Raspberry Pi. The functionality of the Arduino library has been mapped into python. EEPROM state retention uses files, and the encoder map is generated on the fly. Support for the MCP23008 chip is not included.

Get the code on GitHub


Permalinks on Tindie

Update: Tindie have added the “shortlinks” on the product list page in the store.

Tindie is an online store where electronics hobbyists sell their widgets and doohickeys. I recently started selling a couple of my products on this site and I am very pleased with the service they provide.

When selling your stuff online […]