Making a Custom Planishing Dolly

Completed Planishing Dolly

I needed a dolly with the correct profile to planish out the dents in a crumpled 1930s Ariel motorcycle front mudguard. As there is no such thing obtainable, I made my own.

I had one point on this old moonscape guard with a reasonably intact original profile. Using a piece of […]

Restoring a Vintage Valanced Mudguard – Part Two

Right rear patch tacked

It quickly became clear that it would not be possible to smooth out all the dents until the metal had an approximately consistent thickness. Some of the previous repairs consisted of overlay patches and lumpy welding. On the other hand, making accurate patches for a lumpy and distorted part was […]

Restoring a Vintage Valanced Mudguard – Part One

Ariel Valanced Mudguard – as found

Many years ago I traded some Ariel parts I didn’t need for some Ariel parts that I did need for my Ariel VB sidecar project. This project has been progressing intermittently since 1989. One of the parts I received was a valanced front mudguard (“fender” for our colonial […]

Nanny McPhee rides an Ariel

Coming out of our local cinema the other day there was a large display for the new Nanny McPhee movie, Nanny McPhee Returns (UK title is Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang). She is riding a green sidecar outfit with girder forks. I thought to myself “those forks look familiar”. Sure enough, it is a […]

Plum Krazy 1958 Custom Ariel

Ariel NH Chopper from BSH

What to do with that spare engine….

via Plum Krazy 1958 Custom Ariel.