DIY Motion Control Headset for Arduino

This is the motion control headset I put together for controlling my Dalek dome. It tracks the motion of the wearer’s head around 3 axes, though I only use two for the the Dalek.

The basis of the headset is a protective face shield I had lying around, similar to the 3M Professional Faceshield. An […]

Wiper Motor Servo for Big Robots

Wiper motors are big, cheap and powerful. Lots of torque. They are great for powering large robotic components. Out of the box – or scrapyard – they do need some modification. They are wired to go in one direction only, with two speeds. They have some position switching in them, which is designed to keep […]

Fredalek at Maker Faire

Fredalek will be at the Bay Area Maker Faire in San Mateo, May 18-19. Come and be exterminated! We had a great time there last year, so we are back again this year. This is a wonderful event for anyone interested in gadgets, doodads, making things or experiencing indoor lightning. We’ll be exhibit 1278. Follow […]

Absolute 128 Position Encoder for Arduino

I’ve started work on motorizing the Dalek dome and came across this nifty rotary encoder. Most rotary encoders are of the incremental type. They give you direction and revolution counts, and may have resolution of only a quarter turn. This one is an absolute position encoder, giving 128 unique binary values on its 8 pins. […]

Fredalek captured and tortured with lightning!

Bay Area Maker Faire 2012 was a blast! Two full days trundling around interacting with the puny humans. Most of the time EXTERMINATE! was replaced with EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME!! I played minder most of the time as it turns out that my son is a natural Kaled mutant – who’d have guessed?

Highlight of […]