Arduino Shield for Head Following Dalek Dome

Fred’s brain. Click to zoom in.

Fred’s new brain is built on the Sparkfun Arduino ProtoShield Kit, though other protoshields would work too. It would make a good basis for other animatronic or robot projects as it is designed to be plug-in.

Wired onto this are

four I2C connectors, with terminating pullup resistors. Two […]

Linux traffic control with gigabit bond and vlan interfaces

Linux (CentOS6) traffic control features of iproute2 are not active by default, and are usually implemented to aid traffic flow over lower bandwidth WAN connections such as aDSL. In this article I will describe how I implemented them on high end systems with multiple gigabit interfaces with bonded interfaces (often also known and LACP, LAG […]

Fredalek at Maker Faire

Fredalek will be at the Bay Area Maker Faire in San Mateo, May 18-19. Come and be exterminated! We had a great time there last year, so we are back again this year. This is a wonderful event for anyone interested in gadgets, doodads, making things or experiencing indoor lightning. We’ll be exhibit 1278. Follow […]

Little Arduino Shield Spacers

The normal recommended spacer for Arduino shields is to use an extra set of extension headers. This is overkill if all you need is a little extra height. In my case my Sparkfun proto shield was not sitting level on the Arduino Duo R3 – the board was hitting the USB port, and ended up […]

Absolute 128 Position Encoder for Arduino

I’ve started work on motorizing the Dalek dome and came across this nifty rotary encoder. Most rotary encoders are of the incremental type. They give you direction and revolution counts, and may have resolution of only a quarter turn. This one is an absolute position encoder, giving 128 unique binary values on its 8 pins. […]