EMC Networker NDMP index oddity

We have had a real headscratcher with our backups of late. The setup has the tape jukebox connected to the dual-head NetApp 3170 as an NDMP device. EMC (formerly Legato) Networker runs on a CentOS Linux box and directs the NDMP jobs on the filer. This worked just fine for months, backing up multiple volumes. […]

Blackberry wordpress client

Finally loaded some updated blogging code to ye olde Powweb site. WordPress. Very nice and simple to use. Trying to post something from the Blackberry client … Now!


I finally got around to investigating what went wrong with the my Ariel NH last time out – very weak spark and general loss of electrical power. The Boyer Bransden unit really is not happy with low voltage. After a lot of low speed puttering I did get home. I assumed that my rewired (again) […]