Looking for pp2iif?

Once upon a time I wrote a little Perl script to save me the hassle of importing my trivial number of PayPal transactions into Intuit QuickBooks. The QuickBooks import format is called IIF so I called it PP2IIF. In the spirit of thinking it would be useful to others I posted it on the Internet and invited people to use it for free and donate if they felt like it. It kinda worked. People liked it. They asked for more features and pointed out bugs or transaction types it did not handle. It grew. A friend of mine saw a business opportunity and we took it commercial. It became SimplePort. It got more functions, it got less buggy, it got a pretty user interface and customer support.

I am not a computer scientist software developer by trade. I’m a systems administrator. I write quick Perl scripts to solve immediate problems then go do something else. I am no longer involved with SimplePort. The folks at SimplePort have hired real computer scientist software developer people to take the functionality of the Perl spaghetti code that pp2iif became and have rebuilt it from scratch in a language meant for such things. Its much better now. Faster, more accurate and handles all those weird partially closed transactions that I never really did figure out.

So go to simpleport.com and solve your PayPal to QuickBooks import woes.