Fredalek captured and tortured with lightning!

Bay Area Maker Faire 2012 was a blast! Two full days trundling around interacting with the puny humans. Most of the time EXTERMINATE! was replaced with EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME!! I played minder most of the time as it turns out that my son is a natural Kaled mutant – who’d have guessed?

Highlight of […]

Pure MDF Dalek Dome

MDF Dalek Dome

Last year we built a Dalek. His name is Fredalek, and he dressed up as Santa for Christmas.

Dalek building is surprisingly straightforward, thanks to the community at Project Dalek. Plans for all types of Daleks are on this site with accurate dimensions, compiled by properly obsessed British loonies.

The only part of Dalek building […]

Relocating AddThis Widget

The AddThis WordPress Plugin is a very simple way to allow readers to backlink to your blog. It comes with a clickable setting which has it append itself to the end of every blog post. This would be OK except that in that location it also propagates itself into feeds like FaceBook app pages. I […]

Nanny McPhee rides an Ariel

Coming out of our local cinema the other day there was a large display for the new Nanny McPhee movie, Nanny McPhee Returns (UK title is Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang). She is riding a green sidecar outfit with girder forks. I thought to myself “those forks look familiar”. Sure enough, it is a […]

Plum Krazy 1958 Custom Ariel

Ariel NH Chopper from BSH

What to do with that spare engine….

via Plum Krazy 1958 Custom Ariel.